Monday, February 27, 2017

With Elder Bassett in Uberlândia!

Wednesday we went to Uberlandia for a meeting with half of the mission, Presidente and Sister Buhrer, and ELDER BASSETT OF THE Quorum OR THE SEVENTY AND HIS WIFE! It was an incredible meeting and quite a privilege to be visited by a Seventy for the second time in three months.

Uberlandia is three hours west of Patos de Minas, and we arranged to rent a van to go there. We woke up at 4 a.m. to meet up with the driver and pick up the other missionaries. They fact that we had contracted a transportation company assured me that there wouldn’t be any problem. NOT! The driver arrived 30 minutes late, didn’t know the route, and didn’t have a GPS to guide him. I offered several silent prayers that he would put more pressure on the pedal and that we could somehow make it to the chapel in Uberlandia.

We were supposed to arrive at 8:30 because the meeting started at 9. After a ton of calls to the zone leaders of Uberlandia and another ton of quick stops along the road to ask the locals for directions, we arrived at 9 or a minute or two later.

I was really excited for the meeting because we would get to meet E. Bassett, who is the new second counselor in the Presidency of Brasil, and of the 50 or so missionaries that would be there, five would have an interview with E. Bassett and I was one of the them!

We rushed in and Presidente Buhrer said to me “You’re late and you won’t be able to have your interview.” My heart sank into my stomach.

I was so excited for my interview and was looking forward to it so much and the sudden realization that it wouldn’t happen caused me a sinking feeling.

I realized in an instant that I really was all the driver’s fault and that I could quite easily “ficar braco” with him. I took the decision in that same second  to do exactly what Jesus would=be patient and forgiving. I was a little devastated, but II didn’t fuel any negative feelings toward the driver. It would have been so easy, but I wanted to grow up.

We got ready to take a picture with everyone and Elder and Sister Bassett. President Buhrer called me over and led me to have my interview. He had joked with me about losing my interview! (President Buhrer is hilarious …). I was so glad that I had decided to choose the right and not get irritated.

The interview was great! More of like a conversation really. Elder Bassett talked with me in English, hahaha . It turns out his parents live in Buchanan! (note from mom: Scott didn’t know about the connection beforehand!) That was a neat connection; it’s a small world. He gave me the advice: “Be the missionary your mom thinks you are.” I will strive to always be.

In the meeting Sister Buhrer and Presidente spoke and then Sister Bassett talked about how obedience equals happiness. She and Elder Bassett have been in Brasil for 6 months and only had known English and Spanish before.  They’re making a lot of progress in speaking Portuguese, and it was cool to remember how it was for me a year ago.

Elder Bassett gave a great training for the last two hours of the meeting about Christ and of Heavenly Father, how love is the great commandment, and how sacrifice is how we can come to “conhecer” Jesus Christ (this was a big inspiration for me) and is a privilege. It was fantastic and spiritual. I learned a ton!

After a great lunch we had a leadership meeting with him. He said we could ask him any question and so I asked: “What is it like speaking in General Conference?” I had loved his conference talk in October. He told us all about it! He talked about how as leaders we are called to comfort and help others and gave us some valuable pieces of advice. Because I’m from the same stake as his parents, he took a picture with me! Mom and Dad, I hope he found a way to send it to you! It was an awesome meeting and a great day.

Patrícia was baptized on Tuesday! There were a lot of people at the baptism, including José Carlos! She wasn't confirmed on Sunday because she didn't come to church (usually goes with her sister who was out of town), but this week we'll make sure all goes well for her to receive the gift of the Holy Ghost and be confirmed as a member of the church.

José Carlos is progressing really well. He realizes that changing his religion will be a big step in his life, but he's willing to take that step. We watched the Restoration with him this week, bore our testimonies, and he talked about how he is searching for an answer as to the truthfulness of the church. Afterwards he gave us some incredible pão de queijo!

Today was a great P-Day! We played cards with the 10 elders in the zone and then went and played a bunch of volleyball. Vólei é bom demais! A fun thing from this week: Coca-Cola (Brazilians drink it more than Americans, way more!) has been prohibited in the mission since before I got here. Even Presidente didn't drink it. This week Elder Bassett drank Coca at lunch with the missionaries in Goiânia and then Presidente allowed it for the whole mission. Today we bought two 3 liters bottles and brought them to the house in the area Patos where we met up with the zone and announced the surprise. Everybody went crazy!!!!! Hahahaha it was great.

Brasil is awesome and this mission is the best! I'm now reading the Book of Mormon in Spanish.

Elder Anderson

 With Elder Bassett 
 Patricia's baptism! 

 This is a huge mango
 At the supermercado
 Hall's is candy here
 Uns bons bon-bons
 We had a baptism today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 It's now legal kkkkkkkkkk (Note from mom: Though we don't drink sodas much at home, especially ones with caffeine in them, in Brasil, water is not safe to drink. They drink sodas ALL the time or other juices. It's not great for the body, but beats getting sick from the water.....
 Com os elderes de ramo Patos
Na rua

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