Monday, February 20, 2017

Conversão (Conversion)

By study I learn a lot about conversion to the gospel. The Bible, the Book of Mormon, and Preach My Gospel are great sources of inspired words on the subject. This week I learned about conversion in another way—I saw it.

I clearly remember the first time E. Gomez and I taught Butima (Edson). He had already received a few lessons, and this time we invited him to be baptized. He replied “Sou Muito de igreja nao”. (I don’t really like going to church). We continued teaching him and a few weeks later he was baptized (on Christmas Eve!). At first he came to church with a t-shirt and his famous work boots (that’s where he gets his nickname).

Yesterday night we were having a meeting with the district leaders and someone knocked on the door. It was Butina. He had just finished attending church for the second time that day (our branch is in the morning and there’s another in the afternoon) was dressed in a white shirt, tie, and dress shoes, and asked me when he could visit people with us during the week.

That is conversion! In two months he went from uninterested to active and eager to serve in the church. The friend who initially brought him to church stopped coming for a few Sundays and Butina went to his house and dragged him to church yesterday. It’s amazing to see how the Lord changes people’s lives as they “yield their hearts unto God” (Helaman 3: 35).

It’s been a great first week working with Elder Ward. The sisters in our branch were both transferred and now we’re the only missionaries in the branch. Our teaching group has about doubled and we were really busy this week as a result, we were running from one end of the area to another, preaching the gospel in the hot sun of Brazil, helping people to accept the restored gospel, and loving it.

I really like having an American companion. There’s so many thing that never made sense to other companions, like the American educational system, football, and snow, but E. Ward understands it all haha. He’s from Tacoma, Washington.

We’re going to have a baptism this week! Patricia, a member’s sister whom the sisters were teaching, will be baptized tomorrow! Pray that it all goes well!

A large part of our teaching group consists of people who are interested in the church and what we teach, but won’t be baptized quickly because they want to thoroughly analyze their decision. I like teaching people like this, who keep commitments and really search to know the truth.

Jose Carlos went to church again this week, and it was another great church meeting. The branch had 76 people in sacrament meeting and is steadily growing. I really like this area.

I’m so grateful to be here in Brasil, fulfilling my duty to God and serving with all my heart, might, mind, and strength. I realized every day that I’m not perfect, but I have hope that I’ll become more and more like Christ as I continue to serve him.

I did 103 push-ups today. That’s a new record. Woohoo!

Elder Anderson

Água com Gás! I used to hate it but now I find it pretty dang good.
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 (The majority) of our zone at the last meeting of the last transfer
  ESTA GRAVATA É UMA LENDA (This tie is a wore it as Bishop)

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