Monday, February 13, 2017

Faloouuu Elder Brandão!

Elder Guzman, who was part of my MTC/CTM group, is currently about to get his hair cut and while I’m waiting I’m writing this. I’ll be with him for 1 or 2 days because Elder Brandao left last night for Goiania. Tuesday he gets on a plane to go home! While finishing packing his bags he asked me yet again for my football (he’s wanted it ever since we were companions). Reluctantly I handed it over to him as he got in the car of the member who took him to the bus station ON THE CONDITION that he would send me a porcelain cuia—a special type of cup/mug used to drink chimarrao. I hope he fulfills his part of the deal because if he doesn’t I’ll be pretty ticked. I already miss my football!

Speaking of football, I got pretty sad when I heard about the Super Bowl. BUT I’m happy the Falcons made it and am sure we’ll win it next year.

I’m going to get my hair cut too. Contrary to my younger years, I now far prefer short hair.

Just about every day I’ve been eating bread and eggs for breakfast. With Tabasco sauce it’s pretty good Wait a second, I’m calculating…It costs me less than 5 US Dollars a week. That’s a great blessing of the mission—you learn how to live poor! When I’m a broke college student it won’t be anything new. Actually, I’ll feel like a king because I’ll be in the US and will therefore have air conditioning and carpet!

I’ve thought a lot recently about the following: I want to conhecer Jesus Christ, not just Saber about Him. I really like Portuguese because in English it’s not easy to express that. It’s a life-long process, but I hope and pray that I can conhecer my Savior much better by the end of my mission.

Inspired by a conference talk by President Eyring, I’ve started praying fervently to find, teach, and baptize families. That’s a profound desire that I haven’t yet had the opportunity to fulfill during my mission. I’m going to work, fast, and pray with diligence so that I will be an instrument in the Lord’s hands to help a family start the beautiful path to eternal life and if it doesn’t happen, at least I’ll know that if wasn’t for lack of effort on my part.

E. Brandao and I taught a man called Jose Carlos since early in the transfer. I don’t think I’ve written about him yet, but teaching him has been a neat experience. At first he was petty 'duro’ but as we continued teaching him we became great friends with him and his wife, Vania, he read through Mosiah in the Book of Mormon, and we visited him with the branch president. This Sacrament meeting was great. The four speakers were the four missionaries, and the topics were faith, repentance, baptism, and the gift of the Holy Ghost. I gave the talk about the gift of the Holy Ghost. It was great! Gospel principles was also about the Holy Ghost which combined well. I think José Carlos liked the church and thought it was a good kind of different.

This was a fast week, and I'm excited for the next. It'll be the first of the new transfer. I received the information less than an hour ago that my new companion will be E. Ward! He's already here in Patos and I've liked going on exchanges with him. It'll be a good transfer here in Patos.

Elder Anderson

 At church with José Carlos
  Every day's breakfast
It's going to be a great day of work!
 Tchau E. Brandão! (Mande-me a cuia! kk)
 With E. Guzman after our haircuts, and with the cabelereiro (barber)!
 Missionaries at the bank: Elder Guzman e Elder Anderson
 Elder Benjamin
 Elder Ward 
 Downtown Patos de Minas

Taking a shortcut through the mato

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