Monday, March 6, 2017


Estaou gripado. Gripado = with a cold/flu/sickness.  We went to Goiania for the monthly leadership meeting and two night long bus rides within 3 days caused a huge lack of sleep and a sore throat, weak body, headache, and an incredibly runny rose. In these last 3 days more substance has drained out of my nose than in the rest of my time here in Brasil, I think. My nose is pretty raw after cleaning it a thousand times a days with cheap toilet paper. The good thing about this is that I realize how great of a blessing health is. I usually take it for granted, but during these few days of sickness I because grateful for every non-sick day that Heavenly Father blesses me with. From now on I will strive to always give thanks in my prayers for every day of full health.

If what you’re reading isn’t making much sense, I apologize. I really am trying to write clear and normal English…

The leadership meeting in Goiania was awesome; it always is. Time had flown since the last one! Presidente Buhrer organized a training that all the zone leaders will present to all the ward mission leaders within our zones. Elder McBride reviewed the rules of the mission and taught about Christlike attributes and Elder Gorman taught about the mission’s “Standard of Excellence”, a pattern of weekly goals for the work.

I really admire the leaders of the church. President Kuceki had the same ability that President Buhrer demonstrated in the meeting. He talked to us for at least two hours giving us counsel, teaching us how to be better missionaries and leaders, showing us how to be like Christ, and inspiring us to do so. I remembered part of a letter Uncle Taylor sent me that said the instruction from his mission president was “spiritual Mana”. I feel that the same is true each time throughout my mission as I have been taught by an inspired leader called of God.

We stared in Goiania for another day to go on exchanges with the assistants which was an enjoyable and instructive experience.

We didn’t have much time in our own area this week and I wasn’t feeling my best but we didn’t let those facts affect our work.  Jose Carlos is reading the Book of Mormon a ton and is already in the middle of Alma! He came to church for the fourth time yesterday and is well integrated in the branch. It was raining yesterday before church, so he picked us up at our house and drove us there!

Also at church yesterday was Bishop Goncalves from the Tibery ward! He was visiting Patos, where he previously lived. It was great to see him and his family after over a year.

I hope all is well in the US! In a few more months I’ll be there with you all.

Elder Anderson

 These lasted a good solid year mas morreram esta semana kkkk
 I'm still using this awesome blanket, thanks Grandma!
At the lan house. Happy P-Day!

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