Saturday, October 29, 2016

Espioes da CIA

 It's all chill in Brasil
 The Financeiros
 Lago das Rosas!!

 The Forte Five

 In our apartment's elevator
I'm a chef! (nem perto kkkkk)

As we walk several miles each day from the office to our apartment to our lessons and so forth, we pass a few hundred cars. Every day at least somebody in one of these passing cars sticks their head out the window and yells something at us, pretty often obscene. I’m used to it. This week as we were returning home a car flew by and the driver yelled “ESPIOES DA CIA!” at us. “Spies from the CIA”. Hahahaha! I thought that was a good one.

After six months in the office, my weeks have become pretty “padrao”—patterned. I study the scriptures, get to the office, manage the finances, leave, proselyte for a few hours, and sleep. After 5 days of this, a P-Day and a Sunday, it all starts again. It’s great, but I’m soooo excited for the field again. Mais um mes!!! Woohoo!!!

This mission is really passing quickly. It’s already been 15 and a half months. WOW!

Here’s on thought I had this week: I now know the answer to the question, “What is my favorite book?” Until my mission I would have responded Harry Potter, Redwall, As a Man Thinketh, Anthem, or something like that, and it wouldn’t have been a very sure answer.

...Now the answer is clear: The Book of Mormon! It is absolutely my favorite book to read, and I am so grateful that the Lord revealed it to us in the latter days. No other book I've read has led me to feel the presence of the Holy Ghost or taught me about my purpose in this life and God's plan for me like the Book of Mormon has done. It's is the world's truest and purest book! I really liked Elder Stevenson's talk about it in conference. Bom demais!

Even though lately my weeks have been pretty normal, soon I'll have a lot to write about. Elder Aidukatis of the Seventy will visit our mission next month! We the staff will be pretty busy planning it all, but it'll be great. Whatever he says to us will be a big inspiration to me as I return to the field. I'm excited to hear it!

Well, another good week flew by. Voou mesmo. Tempo está passando rápido pra caramba. I'm grateful that I have seven and a half more months to preach the gospel in Brasil. This mission is the best!

Elder Anderson

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  1. 15 1/2 months but who's counting? haha! You have made the most of every minute and have made a difference in the whole mission! Thanks for being the dedicated, strong, hard-working Elder that you are! Love you! 333