Saturday, October 22, 2016

A Thunderingly Great Week

 Making some eggs
 My half-organized, half-table study area
 It's P-Day!
 A zoeira com as letras magnéticas continua!
 It's Elder Murry
 These enganoso jellybeans are sacanagem pura!
 I got all the bad ones...
 Office life with Pres. Bührer!
 Zone meeting with President and Sister!
 This is a cool wall
 Loving Goiânia, with Bob Marley
 St. Central
 Pequi—amazing! The Goiano loves it.

Boom! Tuesday night as we were finishing our evening planning the loudest thunder I’ve ever heard happened. It had to have been right above us; I didn’t only hear it, I felt it. It shook my soul, really was significant enough to put it as the start of my weekly letter. Crazy!

Mom, thanks so much for typing up my post each week. For deciphering my handwriting you deserve an award and for taking the time to type up these snapshots of my written letter you deserve another. Te amo!

This week was awesome! It was the best week in the field we’ve had for a lont time. It was also a good week in the office. With the workload being divided between Elder Murry and I, I have time to organize our work better and take some breaks during the day too. It’s nice.

I realize I use the word 'it' a lot as I write. Maybe it’s due to the lack I feel of it because there’s not an exactly equivalent word in Portuguese or maybe because it’s just so easy and itty. It. It. It. Kkkk! (hahaha!)

Wednesday we decided to pray before leaving the office and then analyze the map of Goiânia on the wall to see where we should go. We felt inspired to go to a certain bairro (a bairro is a small region of a city, Goiânia has a few hundred of them. It's comparable to a neighborhood, kind of, maybe.) and then to a certain road. We went straight there, and after knocking on doors for half an hour or so, we talked with a man returning home from work. We ended up talking with his young family for a while and marked to return and teach a lesson a couple of days afterward. Yesterday we had a great lesson about the Restoration with them, and they have a sincere desire to read the Book of Mormon and pray to know if what we teach is true. We were surely guided right to them! There's hardly anything better than knowing the Lord is using me as an instrument to bring His Gospel to His children who are ready and waiting for it.

After two months of teaching Ítalo, who is really intelligent and knows the Bible well, he said in our lesson yesterday that he is convinced the Church is true. Que bênção! He understands the doctrine of the restoration and is developing his faith in the restored church. One of my favorite things on my mission is teach people who understand doctrine, are willing and open to learn more, and are diligently searching for the truth. Seeing him grasp the truths of the restoration of the gospel and the priesthood has been a wonderful experience.

Presidente Bührer walked into the office one day with açaí for us!!!!! It was incredible. Another day he walked into the office with root beer and dr. pepper for us! He had ordered a bunch online for his family haha. Working with him has been one of the greatest blessings of my mission, as was working with Presidente Kuceki. How I've been blessed!

It rained a lot this week, which was great because we had about 4 months without anything falling from the sky. It's helped cool things off a little too, although it's still quente demais. I guess it'd be best explained as "It's really, really, really hot here, but because of the recent rain it's only really, really hot now." I hope you guys are enjoying the cooling weather in the US! Que tenham uma semana abençoada.

Elder Anderson

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