Saturday, November 5, 2016


The Goiânia Theater
Mind on the future
Fonte na Praça Cívica
 President made me laugh so hard I about died!
 União de chimarrão
 O Staff!
 In the carro with Pres. Bührer
 Pizza Hut! 
Happiness (Scott didn't drink soft drinks much until his mission....water is too risky there....!)

It rained gatos and cachorros this week. It’s great to have rain here because it cools things off and raises the humidity from about 0% to around 5% haha. The drawback is getting soaked. I’m grateful I have two pairs of shoes that I can switch between because it usually takes two days for a pair to dry out. Really, the wetness isn’t that bad, considering the great blessing of getting rained on while on your mission—they say the more rain you walk through, the prettier your future wife gets. In that case, I’m fine if it rains all day every day hahaha. During half the year it doesn’t rain in Goiania and so during this last rainy season of my mission I’m going to take advantage and get all the rain I can!

Although I can’t wait for the field, I’m enjoying my last weeks in the office. Presdient Buhrer is hilarious, Elder Murry is learning well, and I really like the other secretaries. We’ve had some good times in the office lately. I do admit that I’ll miss sitting at a computer in the air conditioning for most of the day. That’s been a nice blessing during these 6+ months haha!

Let's see. What happened this week that didn't happen during my other 27 weeks in the office? Halloween!! It's not really that big here, but there are a few costume parties and probably a few kids that decide to knock doors just like we do except with the purpose of obtaining sugary treasure instead of sharing the gospel. I think both of those door-knocking related things are pretty critical in having a fulfilling life. What would primary and youth Sunday school classes become if teachers didn't reward participation with mini Reese's?

I started reading A Marvelous Work and a Wonder this week. It is incredible! I really appreciate its logical and clear perspective on how the gospel was restored. The restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ is the greatest message on Earth! I wish more people would sincerely search after it. Having my invitation to hear about how God called a prophet in these latter days rejected by 9 out of every 10 people on the road everday is tough, but I work hard and will keep working hard for that 10%!

Heavenly Father has a perfect eternal plan for us, His children. Above all the tumultuous events of these modern times, that is what matters. Let us never lose our eternal perspective!

Elder Anderson

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