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 I'm using a faca because we don't have any colheres
 At church! (x2)

 Curti a camisa do Elder Assunção
 Bom dia, downtown Goiânia
 Some good comida Bahiana (x2)

 Com Elder Assunção!
 Mais pasta de amendoim integral!
 A letter I wrote for Elder Stafford to give to Eudes in Uberlândia
 Propagandas das eleições
 Papai Noel!
 Só zoeira com as letras magnéticas! kkkkkkkkk (x2)


Ta na hora para as eleicoes aqui em Goiania! It’s election time here in Goiania. The big thing here is running for “vereador” (city councilor). I’ve heard there’s over 700 candidates for the 35 spots (“spots” might not be the correct political term…I just don’t remember how to say that the best way in English”), and there’s tons of little campaign ads strewn across the sidewalks. I started a collection and in only two late-afternoons I’ve found about 50. The greatest one the other missionaries actually found for me; it says “Vereador Robert Papai Noel” or in English “City Councilor Robert Santa Claus” kkkkkk (meaning hahahaha). Vou incluir uma foto. Being that this blog is somewhat of a public platform, I think I should point out that I do not officially endorse any such candidate, even Santa Claus.

This was a cool week for a few reasons.

We started working in a new part of our area—Setor Central. It’s the very center of Goiania and although I had thought it’d be difficult, we’ve already found a good group of people to teach.

This week there was a leadership meeting and Elder Stafford, who’s now a zone leader in Uberlandia (in area Tibery! My second area), came. I had the chance to go on an exchange with him for almost an hour at the end of the day. We just walked around talking to people in the road. It was really great, and I learned a lot from him too. It was awesome counting our experiences that have happened since the day we left the Atlanta airport together.

At the beginning of the week I wasn't feeling great spiritually. I realized I wasn't working with real intent, wasn't really going 100%. When I came to fully realize that, I was sad. These are the only 2 years I have to fully dedicate my time to the Lord and I'm not fulfilling my calling to the highest degree. I realize I'm not perfect, nor does the Lord want me to be because I can't, but I can always strive harder, always. Thursday was one of the best days of my mission because I decided to try my absolute best all day. I loved it! Of course, I should have that attitude every day. I get close to being disappointed in myself when I realize that I don't have that 100% attitude 100% of the time, but I have to realize—and this is a hard thing for me to realize sometimes—that the pursuit of Christ-like perfection is lifelong. Certainly within in 2 years I won't even get close to reaching my full potential, even in 50! One thing I'm grateful to be learning here on my mission is that I don't need to expect perfection or even excellence from myself right now—the Lord knows we're so far from it that He gives us 80+yrs to work on getting a little bit close. Even then we can't. How much we need to rely on our Father in Heaven for our eternal progression and daily strength!

I'm so excited for general conference!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love hearing the words from the living prophet and apostles. It'll start in about two hours here. Time has just absolutely flown since the last conference; I was in Araxá! Those were good times. We're going to bring a lot of investigators to watch conference too, which will be awesome. I hope you guys enjoy it as well! In English hahaha. I'll enjoy it in Brazilian Portuguese.

Elder Anderson

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