Saturday, September 24, 2016

I Love the Scriptures!

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 Sou sapo.
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 A galera com GUARANÁ JESUS!
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 A good P-Day lunch (x2)

 I found peanut butter! It's natural and expensive and good.]
The football!

I have a new idea for a family activity. A few days ago the other companionship of secretaries, who serve in Parque Amazonia, were waiting in front of the chapel to meet up with a member when a man, a small child, and a woman rode up to them on a motorcycle and yelled “Passa radinho!” That’s thug language for “Give up your phone!” A family. Okay. Together. Good. Robbing. Bad. I actually don’t consider this a “wholesome recreational activity.” The elders didn’t take them seriously (how could they!? Hahahah), said they didn’t have their phone, and off went the felon family.

One day a man from Nashville showed up in the office to get a Book of Mormon for one of his Brazilian friends. Who would have through that someone from your mission, Dad, would have visited mine! A cool tender mercy of the Lord. He had a thick southern accent, which I actually kind of miss, and I found myself slipping into the southern dialect as I talked with him haha. English really is seeming foreign.

One day we were walking up our road to get to the office and saw a bombed ATM and a film crew. Apparently at four in the morning a few guys had blown it up to get the money inside and afterward they shot at a new of the nearby buildings. I went up and touched a bullet hole in one wall and in a building with a glass exterior. I saw about 20. Nossa! O Brasil e doido kk. Thankfully we were all sleeping safely and soundly.

I love the scriptures!!! After over a year on my mission I‘ve finally discovered how to really study them—feast upon the words of Christ! About a month ago I decided to study by theme. The first great theme I chose was the Savior Jesus Christ. It’s my testimony of Him that I most want to build. I started by studying a list in Preach My Gospel of Book of Mormon chapters about Him and by reading Jesus the Christ (along with Jesus, o Cristo). Last week I was inspired to study a lei—the law—and the following related subjects: justice, mercy, punishment, blessing, obedience. It’s been the greatest two weeks of study of my whole mission! Everybody go look up and read Alma 42! How absolutely amazing is the Plan of Redemption and mercy of our Heavenly Father.

We had been teaching the family of Antonio e Sueli for over a month and this week, after inviting them yet again to be baptized they became resistant and weren’t willing to progress further. It was really sad knowing that we did our best to teach the gospel and testify of its eternal blessing to a family who needs them so much and seeing them not embracing it. I hope that just months from now they will feel a desire to fully apply the restored gospel in their lives. We do what we can with the help of the Lord, but people have their agency.

On the positive side, we’re teaching two people who are awesome. Paula keeps coming to church every Sunday, is developing her testimony, and is halfway through second Nephi. Italo, whom we found on the street one day, has a big religious background and is really smart and is opening his vision to the greater perspective of Christianity that was made possible by the restoration.

Now our P-Day is Sabado! It’s changed yet again. So far it’s been great because we have another day to work in the office which we were really needing. From now on I’ll be looking forward to every Saturday to hear from you all and relate my weekly experiences. Espero que vida esteja boa nos EUA! Amo voces!

Elder Anderson

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