Monday, March 13, 2017

As Escrituras!

I think this was the best week of my mission with respect to my daily personal study. I was inspired to buy a notebook to organize what I study each day, and it made an instant difference. Each day this week I felt like I really "feasted upon the words of Christ" and each day I felt spiritually enlightened and edified. I love reading the scriptures! Before my mission I read because I knew I should, not always because I wanted to. Now I wish personal study was 3 hours instead of just one! There is so, so much to be learned in the gospel. How grateful I am for what I've learned so far and how excited I am to keep learning "by study and by faith" for the rest of my life!

This week flew by and so did this P-Day! We played a ton of volleyball this morning (about 9 games to 21) and that took up a big part of the day and so we had to run to the lan house to do our e-mail time. I won't have time to write a long letter today, but nothing really out of the ordinary happened this week so não se exige uma carta grande.

We've been teaching Jose Carlos for over 2 months now, and he continues to progress in getting to know the restored gospel and church. It was funny: after asking E. Ward and I how many brothers and sister we have, he asked if there was some motive for increasing the American population hahahaha. We proceeded to explain that Mormons just like big families. I miss my big Mormon family! José Carlos went to church for the fifth consecutive time yesterday, and we also ate lunch with him and his wife this week—it was an amazing lunch!
It is a noticeable difference having lunch as the day's principal meal. Here in a few months I'll suffer a whole other round of culture readjustments!

I have 3 more months on my mission and I will work as hard and as well as I can to preach the gospel and fulfill my calling here in Missão Brasil Goiânia. This has been the most incredible experience of my life.
Espero que vocês tenham uma semana excelente. Amo vocês e agradeço-lhes todo o amor e apoio constantes.
Elder Anderson

  Haircut! I really am liking shorter hair.
Watch! I bought this for 12 reais today. That's 3 US Dollars. I wanted a cheap watch and I found a good one. My last one (that Josh gave me before I left home) was robbed awhile back in Goiânia.
 Natural orange juice! E. Ward makes it just about everyday and shares it, an awesome companion.
 Breakfast! Eggs, tomatos, bread, salt, pepper....
 Some zoom shots of Patos de Minas from our apartment's windows.

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