Saturday, November 19, 2016


 Salão sacramental, the chapel on Rua 9-A
 Lots of missionaries/amigos!
 We sure fill up the restaurant
 Our apartment has wood floor
 Last day all together in the lan house!

At the end of his conference with us, Elder Sidukaitis bore his testimony, slowly pacing around the cultural hall to look into the eyes of every elder and sister. Undoubtedly it was one of the most spiritual moments of my mission. He said “My Testimony of this gospel is “Inabalavel. Inabalavel.” Unshakable.

I feel that each day my testimony is becoming more unshakable. As we learn in the scriptures, Jesus Christ, our Redeemer, is the Rock, and if we build our testimony on his firm foundation, certainly we will not fall when Satan throws his rains and might winds and hails upon us (Helaman 5:12). Through our loving Saviors’ Atonement we can be strengthened and build a testimony that is “inabalavel”.

Not only was this one of the most memorable weeks, but also one of the craziest and busiest (or most busy? I should pray for my English kkkkk). We, the secretaries ran around like beheaded chickens trying to organize the entire event and confirm that it ran smoothly. On the financial side, Elder Murry and I had to contract a transportation company to bring the three zones from Minas Gerais (that’s a funny name for a state: “General Mines” ) to Goiania and back on a charter bus and another company to bring and return missionaries from Jatai and Rio Verde via van. There were also a lot of normal bus tickets we had to buy for the missionaries in other cities. After weeks of careful planning with Elder Antunes and Presidente, all went smoothly and we saved close to 4000 reais. Good stuff. 

The conference, or "Mission Tour" with Elder Aidukaitis was divided in 4 meetings: one leadership meeting and three similar meetings with groups of about 50 missionaries each. I heard in the leadership meeting he "queimou" (burned...but we use this word here as like reprimanding, disciplining, correcting directly) the leaders of the mission about planning and organization. The regular meeting was great. Our zone was part of the last session, which was nice because after making sure the first ones went alright, we were able to relax and focus.

It was just incrível. Elder Aidukaitis is really direct and serious. He taught us about how to invite people to baptism., how to invite people to pray at the end of a lesson, and how the Book of Mormon is the keystone of our religion and a book that is absolutely and undoubtedly true. There is no crafted explication capable of proving it and its divinity false. I know it.

I took about 5 pages of notes and would love to send them to you guys, but there in Portuguese. Ha! It was really a spiritual feast and a unique opportunity—we were personally taught by a member of the Seventy! A general authority of the church! It was awesome, and it's clear that he is spiritually advanced and has a whole lifetime of leadership experience.

This week I went to see one of my best friends here—Lucas the Dentista! I noticed a top canine tooth was starting to twist and so I called him up. Two days later (yesterday) I visited him and he made me a top retainer. When I get home (in....only 7 months now! Whoa...) I'll be able to get any further care I need, but for now this will keep things from getting worse. He does everything for free for the Elders and is gente boa demais!

I took a ton of pictures this week. We visited a graffiti museum and did some other cool stuff BUT all those pictures are now on my flash drive which is in the office and so I'll have to send them next week.

Next week.......... I'LL BE BACK IN THE FIELD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don't know exactly what my assignment will be, but I have a pretty clear idea, based on the hints Presidente has given me hahaha. I'll tell you guys all about it next week! I know I'll be leaving Goiânia and leading a zone, though I'm not yet sure which.

Amo todos vocês! Tudo de bom!
Elder Anderson

Feliz with my new "plaquinha"

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