Saturday, November 12, 2016

Some Worldwide News

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This week something of international importance happened: Mom turned 41!!!!!!! A big Feliz Aniversário to you, Mom :) I love you!

At 6:29 on Wednesday morning I got a call from Elder Lagunas, the secretary who takes care of the baptismal records and mission journal, who had gone really early to the office with Elder Antunes. He said something that sounded like "TRumfFganhooUD" It wasn't because of how he pronounced it but because my ears just hadn't woken up yet. I asked him to rephrase. "Trump ganhou!"

Clearly that's the biggest news in the world right now. Everybody knows it. I had members calling me and missionaries calling me and the velocity of information in our modern world is an incredible thing. Even the homeless people know about the election results. In general, the Brazilians aren't happy, and while clearly a lot of Americans share the negative attitude, I bet there's a good bit of celebration going on in the States too. Surely I'll be returning to a different America.

One day this week we went to visit someone who wasn't at home so we talked to his neighbor. She wasn't interest in having us teach her or in visiting the church, but she was kind enough to give us water. It was hot that day. It's been really hot lately; some nights it's hard to sleep. Anyway, when I looked down in the plastic cup of water, I saw a few dead ants bobbing up and down. The first cup I drank I just avoiding letting them into my mouth and threw them out with the last drops of water. I was still thirsty. When about to drink the second cup,I looked at the floating ants and remembered my first battle with the ants in Jardim Curitiba when they invaded my cereal and I ate them along with it. I decided I couldn't let the ants beat me and drank the whole cup. Then I went for a third and took in a few more ants. Elder Anderson 2 - Ants 0. Take it, ants.

After that we ate some mangos we got off of a nearby tree. Brasil is great.

This week I had a good study. There was a scripture I wasn't fully understanding in Portuguese opne morning, so I looked it up in English. That didn't help much, so I looked it up in Spanish. In Spanish it was clearest. It was really cool to have three Book of Mormon's open on my desk in different languages. I realized that learning Portuguese and being able to pick up a little Spanish have been great blessings of my mission. I love serving the Lord—there is nothing that brings greater blessings!

Goiânia has a team of American football. It's called the Goiânia Rednecks! I think that's a very important thing to relate to you all hahaha.

Time is passing quick! It feels like everyday I'm returning to the washing machine to throw in a batch of sweated white shirts. I'm grateful for a washing machine! In Araxá I didn't have one and now I'm a more grateful person.

This week will be our meeting with Elder Aidukatis, and I will also learn which will be my next area! It'll be incrìvel!

Tenham uma semana abençoada!

Elder Anderson

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