Saturday, September 3, 2016


Working hard or hardly working?
Elder Lima!

Só picanha!!! Picanha is the best type of meat here and this day they gave me a bunch of it in my 'marmitex' lunch woohoo!
Comendo, felizmente, picanha
In the elevator with the gang
The famous Elder Santos!

The road of the office building
Bosque do Buriti
Views from the new apartment

Lá na paisagem, o Viaduto Latif Sebba
 O Lago das Rosas de novo! (x3)

'tão indo embora :'(

Tchau Elder Sweet
Elder Didericksen!

A galera estudando
E. Antunes and I

Wow, it’s been a long time since last P-Day! It was a big and successful transfer and I’ll talk about it a little later. The audit went well and I learned a lot.

We moved! This was one of the greatest things that has happened in a while. Our old house was old, damaged, ant-ridden and had to be accessed by a few rusty gates within a sketchy corridor. Six of us missionaries were living there, and it only had one bathroom with a broken door. That night when 46 missionaries stayed there was rough kkkk (I want to make sure it’s understood: “k” in Portuguese is like “ha” in English. Therefore as I put several k’s, I’m not supporting the Ku Klux Klan but am saying “hahaha”.). Now we live in a sweet apartment! The staff had been searching for a good apartment since 2015, but Pres. Puhrer found one, signed the contract and got us moved in within three weeks. Nossa, e bom demais! It has 5 bedrooms, 4.5 bathrooms and so much more space than our old house that it’s difficult to know what to do with all of it. Everyone is enjoying being able to shower simultaneously. The apartment is in the middle of a ton of other buildings and we live on the 7th floor so we have a great view. I’ll send pictures!

Today is Neide’s baptism! After about 3 months of teaching her and helping her to progress spiritually in the restored gospel, she’s ready to be baptized at 5 o’clock today. Que bencao! She is one of the most golden investigators I’ve taught and has great faith. Tons of members are excited for her baptism today, and they’ve enjoyed seeing her progress as well. Thank you all for your faithful prayers that we can find people ready for the gospel! They are answered.  

After several weeks of teaching Neide with him and months of working together in the office and field, Elder Oliveira was transferred this week to Aragarcas, and area on the edge of the mission. It’s kind of too bad that he had to leave only a few days before Neide’s baptism, but surely it’s the Lord’s plan. I‘m really happy and grateful to have a new companion. I learned a lot with E. Oliveira, but man it was a tough four months. Anyway, my new companion is E. Antunes. He’s hard-working and excited and probably the youngest executive secretary ever. He’s starting his second transfer in the field (I’m finishing his training), but with years of administrative experience in the Brazilian Air Force, he’s very qualified. I’ll be staying as the financial secretary for another transfer. Woohoo! Maybe the next transfer I’ll train someone or maybe I’ll just stay in the office for the rest of my mission kkkkk.

Brasil’s president, Dilma, was impeached this week; that’s big news. I think a majority of people here are pretty happy with that, though I haven’t heard a ton of news yet.

Happy Birthday Natalie and Dallin! You guys are getting old haha. I miss my family and friends, but I’m so happy to be here. Missao Brasil Goiania e a vida! E. Sweet and a few of my other great friends went home this week, which was sad, but one day I’ll meet up with them, just like I’ll meet up with all of you in less than a year. Until next P-Day and next June!

Elder Anderson

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