Wednesday, September 14, 2016

O Evangelho

 It's lan house time
 The coolest office building
 Praça Tamadaré! (x2)

 Em baixo das palmeiras
É nóis na praça!

Eu amo o evangelho de Jesus Cristo! E a Melhar coisa que ha.

By the time you all read this, Dallin will already be off to the M TC!!! Ahhhhh I’m so excited for him! He’ll love being a missionary and speaking Portuguese. This week we met a lady from Portugal in the road; the accent from there is funny and way different but understandable. Man I can’t wait to speak Portuguese with Dallin—ninguem vai entender-now kkkkk (Which means hahahaha in Portuguese).

I’ve reflected a lot on o evangelho (the gospel) of Jesus Cristo this week. It’s the greatest thing ever! Focusing my life on it is bringing me the greatest joy I’ve ever felt. I’m really, really amazed at how blessed I am. God, my Father in Heaven, created me. He sent me to Earth to a wonderful family so that I could fulfill a purpose: follow Jesus Christ through faith in Him and His Atonement, repentance, baptism, receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost, and enduring to the end, by making and keeping higher covenants, so that I could return worthily to His presence after this mortal life and live in a state of eternal happiness, progressing forever. What’s greater than this? Nothing?

I know Heavenly Father created me. He gave me my existence, for free. From the beginning, I’m already a debtor. Before my first moment of spiritual consciousness I had received a gift that I didn’t even earn. Later I was sent here to Earth (a huge, incredible planet for me to live on—another present/gift). I gained a physical body (an assembly of matter, divinely designed, that allows me to use force upon other matter, feel feelings and sense things, play soccer and golf, run and jump, eat—eating is a blessing!—setting me above all the inanimate objects and the beings of only spirit on the hierarchy of intelligences), and I continued enjoying the God-given gift of agency.  Not only do I have the ability to choose what I do, I have guidance as to what to choose—the prophets, the scriptures, prayer and revelation, Heavenly Father gives me life, let’s me choose what I want, tells me what I should choose—to follow the commandments—but he doesn’t force me to choose that yet if I do, He blesses me –immediately!—and if I continue to voluntarily keep his commandments, (and isn’t following the commandments and hereby being blessed temporarily and spiritually and being happy the easiest choice in the world?!). I will one day be let back into the presence of God, not alone but with my family, to receive eternal life. How I’m a debtor! I am nothing more than the dust—and even the dust belongs to Heavenly Father. I incite you all to search and read Mosiah 2:21-25. I just can’t fully understand how greatly God loves us.

It was a good week in the office and in the field! I’m really liking working with Elder Artunes and Elder Lagunas and Nelson, the other new secretaries. Brasil is the best! A great and safe week to all of you.

Elder Anderson

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