Monday, May 2, 2016

Is This Even Brasil?


 The Staff (plus E. Lacerda)

 On top of the office building! (x2)

 Up top

 Eu e E. Lacerda

 Bom dia Goiânia! (x2)

 Com Paola! (in Araxá)

Good transfer = Good pizza (Araxá)

It’s been cold this week. That’s weird. Since I left the U.S. during summer, it’s been like 15 months since I’ve been in cold weather. Thursday was the cold day. It was cloudy and windy and cold. Probably the temperature wasn’t less than 50 degrees, but in Brasil, that’s frio!! The question ‘Is this even Brasil?’ passed through my mind as I felt chilled for the first time in South America. However, talking with other missionaries about our experience being robbed definitely reassured me that yes, I am still in this country. Haha!

Because of the cold, I got sick. Woohoo! I got some type of flu…(but it wasn’t H1N1 because I was vaccinated for that in Uberaba a month ago). It was similar to the sickness I had when I was with E. Zanuttini, including weakness, headache, fever, and amongst other symptoms, the weirdest—extreme pain in the neck. It’s really esquisito. I don’t know how this is caused, but yesterday afternoon and especially last night, I couldn’t move my head because my neck hurt too bad. It was pretty funny because I had to rotate my whole body to look for cars to cross the road, since I couldn’t look over my shoulder. It looked really funny so E. Morris and I laughed but when I laughed it hurt worse hahaha. Anyway, I made it home, got a Priesthood blessing, and after a good sleep, I’m feeling way better today! I’m grateful.

Training to be the next financial secretary is going great! Usually, training lasts a whole transfer—6 weeks, I’ll have 1. So, it’s been a pretty intense week! E. Morris, the current secretario financero leaves tomorrow, I’ll have to call him a ton for help haha!

I’ve learned a lot the past few days about what I’ll be doing for the next several months. I’m pretty much the mission’s accountant, making sure that after I pay all the rents, water, and energy bills, and other expenses everything is balanced. I take care of reimbursements, house contracts, mission debit cards, maintenance services, and everything else related to finances in the mission. It’s a lot, but really interesting stuff and I like it a lot! I’ll explain more about what I’ll be doing as the months go by.

As always, it was an awesome week. Things are going excellently in Araxá too! I called E. Lisboa yesterday, and he said that there were 26 at church (the most when I was there was 17) and 8 were investigators!! Matheus and Jady were confirmed and Matheus received the Aaronic Priesthood! Man it was so good to hear all this. E. Lisboa and E. Oñate are continuing the tradition of hard work that we started and the results will continue to be miraculous.

I hope and pray that all is well in the USA! I miss my country. There's a little American flag in my office, and it makes me happy haha! Continue choosing the right and doing all kinds of good stuff. Also, I CAN`T WAIT FOR SKYPE! This Sunday will be awesome! Haha, I love you all, have a great semana!

E. Anderson

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  1. Get better soon! It is so comforting to know that the work is moving forward in Araxa! Yea for Mothers Day and Skype! Enjoy! 333