Monday, May 23, 2016

Baptism and Football on P-Day

 In the office!
 I have no idea what I'm doing!
 Batismo de Cristina!!
 Com Cristina
Batismo e amigos

This week I'm writing my weekly letter during my email time (que está acabando...(which is finishing...)), so it'll be short (instead of sending pictures of my weekly handwritten letter). BUT! It was an awesome week, and I took some good pictures which will tell the story pretty well.

Well the majority of this week was sitting in a little room handling the finances of Missão Brasil Goiânia. The church financial system is back up and I'm realizing how lost I am trying to handle the contracts and interaction with the owners of the 60+ houses the mission rents. Help me. Hahaha, it's going well and I'm learning a lot. Surely it will be an experience that will help me later in the professional world.
Cristina was baptized this week!!!!!!! Só felicidade! Her sister was baptized about a month or two ago and now she made her decision to follow the example of the Savior as well. She actually lives in another area, so it was tough trying to get to her house to teach her during the week, but in the end, it all went well—tudo deu certo!

We played football last P-DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was just maravilhoso. I miss it a ton! It's funny teaching Brazilian's to play hahaha.

Matheus (from Araxá) sent me an email this week with his written testimony. It is so amazing to see how he has progressed spiritually since we met him in front of the supermercado a few months ago. There is nothing better than knowing that my time here in Brasil has truly helped someone become more like Christ.
Thinking about that, I fasted this week to strengthen my testimony of the Savior. I am so grateful for His perfect example and the life He gave for me. As a representative of Him, I want to develop His attributes and help other people just as He would. I hope to always grow in my knowledge and testimony of the only perfect Person that ever walked here on Earth.
Everything is great here in BRASIL! I love you guys tons and hope you all have an awesome week, uma semana ótima! Act like Jesus sempre!

Elder Anderson

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  1. Love to read about your love and testimony of Christ.