Monday, March 21, 2016

Um Novo Chamado e Uma Viagem


The Statue of Liberty! (A store here called Havan always has one in front)

Viajando! (x2)

Praça Vaca Brava (We didn´t go there, I just took a picture of this postcard hahaha)

Pizza Hut P-Day!

 Outback (x2)


Stoplights in Goiânia with numbers counting down to when it turns green/red

 Praça do Ratinho! Famoso em Goiânia

Em baixo 
 Missão Brasil Goiânia
 And Araxá

What the heck?!

Last P-Day, Presidente called us, saying that he had finished making the transfers. We would get to the office early to see all the changes before leaving Goiania and going to the areas in Mias Gerais.

We called a taxi, arrived at the office early, and looked at the ‘quadra de transferenias’ (board of transfers—showing all the missionaries and the areas). In the bottom right corner was the mission’s new area: Araxa. My picture was there next to that of Elder Lisboa, a missionary with only one transfer on the mission.

Vamos abrir a cidade de Araxa!!! We’re going to open the city of Araxa!!! Right now, there are about 10-15 members of the church there that meet in a garage every Sunday. The city of 100,000 has never seen missionaries before—we’ll be the first! Na verdade, Araxa was a part of the Belo Horizonte Mission, sitting just outside of our mission. The members are excited, Elder Lisboa is ready to work hard, and I can’t wait! It will be a miraculous experience.

I wish I could just write all of this in Portuguese haha! My journal is 100% Portuguese now.

Since I’ll be way on the edge of the mission, Presidente called a new assistant to take my place—Elder Sweet, who was my first zone leader! He’s a great, obedient missionary and will do an awesome job. I’m so grateful I had the chance to serve closely with Pres. Kuceki and the mission staff for 3 months. I learned a ton and have a ton of good memories! Presidente said that after Araxa, I’ll probably serve in the office to help the new president adjust. It would be great!

After seeing the transfers, we left for Araxa! It took us (President, E. Zeballos, and I) about 7 hours. It’s a nice city with tons of hills haha. We talked with the group leader, Jean, who’s really excited to have missionaries there, checked out the house where they have Sunday meetings. Then we left for Uberaba. As we were leaving, Pres. Kuceki talked with a worker at a gas station (ah, one weird thing here—workers pump the gas for you…way different) about the church and so we already have one person interested to know more!

In Uberaba, we had a zone meeting just like in Goiania and Rio Verde—reviewing the talk- “A Luta Pela Alma’ (I think it would be “The Fight for the Soul’ in English) given by Melvin J. Ballard. In Uberlandia afterwards, we had a similar meeting. Hearing the same training by Pres. Kuceki 5 times was really cool because I learned something new every time and remember a ton.

This week was heavenly—we ate Outback. Twice! I about cried both times it was so good. I’ll send some pictures!!! (mom's note...unfortunately the pictures of this didn't come through) I had to enjoy it while I could because in Araxa I’ll be hundreds of kilometers away from the nearest one.

While I did miss normal work this week, it was nice to relax in the car for a lot of time. Driving with Presidente is hilarious hahaha! He’s a great example of having fun and joking around while also being serious and devoted in the church. I’ll miss traveling with him!

Man it was a full week—3 zones, 4 cities, 2 states, 20 hours driving, and 120 contacts—we met the goal this week too! I’m waaay excited for Araxa and for General Conference! These next few weeks will continue the trend of hard work, good memories, and the wonderful gospel of our Savior, Jesus Christ!

Elder Anderson

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