Monday, March 14, 2016

Um Monte de Fotos

 Bowling scores (Didn't win...haha)

Boliche com o Bispo!
Cool eucalyptus trees

 Goiânia from afar!
 Serra Dourado futbol stadium
 Batismo de Marcos!


 Bom companheiro e boa açaí!
 Chocolate and ice cream pizza
 Strawberry Meringue...A melhor!

 Banana e canela!
 Viajando com Pres. Kuceki and E. Zeballos!
Rural Brazil 

Esta semana foi cheiao! I took a ton of pictures and I don’t have a lot of time to write today, so I’ll let the pictures tell most of this week’s story.

P-Day was great. We went bowling with the bishop, ate a bunch of food at his house, and went to a family night where a returned missionary (Japan Tokyo Mission) talked about his experience. Bom demais!

Tuesday we went to Rio Verde! It was about a 3 hour drive in Pres. Kuceki’s car and it went by quickly. The countryside of Brazil is way cool—just trees, grass, and hills. I tried to get some good pictures.

That night we went to an awesome pizza restaurant where you just sat and they waiters brought tons of kinds of pizza to you. Man it was great! I ate a tooooon.

Wednesday we had the zone conference with the two zones of Rio Verde. That night I went on an exchange with E. Farias, one of the zone leaders of RV Popular, and learned a lot. Usually, that zone is the highest baptizing in the mission. People there are humble and receptive and the missionaries work effectively. The next day Pres. Kuceki finished the interviews and we left.

We got back to Goiania, worked a little bit and the next morning headed to Anapolis—the city with the most churches per capita the world! The zone is small but excited and hardworking. Young too, most of the missionaries have 8 months or less on the mission. Zone conference…a good lunch…interviews, and back to Goiania.

Saturday we had the baptism of Marcos! He was well prepared and happy to be clean from all the sins he ever had. It was a small and simple baptism and he only went completely under the water on the 4th try haha, but, em fin, deu certo!

Yesterday was a great Sunday, I worked hard to reach this week’s goal of 241 contacts, and the busy week ended well. Today will be a good P-Day and tomorrow we’ll begin another great trip, to Araxa, Uberaba, and Uberlandia. Sorry for the short letter this week, but thank you all for keeping up with and supporting me! Tenham uma boa semana! Amo voces!

Elder Anderson

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