Monday, March 7, 2016

Say No to Drugs

Eating like crazy at Habib's! (Shouldn't have...haha)
The map of Missão Brasil Goiânia!

E. Whiting e E. D. Almeida, LZs de Rio Verde Centro!
Missão Brasil Goiânia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I said no to drugs this week! I talked with a guy in the road that said he was in a hurry because he was going to buy ‘perfume’. He asked me if I wanted to buy some too, I said no. Haha!

Man this was one of the hardest working weeks of my mission! We had a lot of meetings but still had good results in the field.

Tuesday we had a multi zone conference with all the missionaries in Goiania. President K. spoke about how Satan tries to drag us down little by little, that he attacks our weak points, and he wants to destroy everyone who valiantly serves God. It was great, and we learned a lot about how we always need to watch out for temptation and not give in to the natural man. This lesson is really important for missionaries, because we’re soldiers at the front of the battle between the Lord and the devil and certainly the adversary is trying to take us out. I’m grateful for the protection of the Holy Ghost in this great war!

Wednesday we had the leadership meeting. E. Zeballos and I gave a training about how we need to be like Christ instead of only doing what he did (using he excellent talk of Elder Lynn G. Robbins a few years ago) and that to become like him, the most important attribute we need to develop is charity. It was simple and went well. I took some pictures at the meeting that I’ll send. It’s always fun seeing and talking to friends in the mission.

Thursday the Goiania Norte Zone had interviews, and we went to help with that, reviewing the talks from the worldwide missionary training ‘Teach Repentance and Baptize Converts’ with the missionaries when they weren’t being interviewed.

Friday, we had the zone meeting of our zone, zone staff, and due to an imprevisto (I don’t know/remember that word in English), I had to help give the training of the zone leaders. (based on Doctrine and Covenants 121—the training President K. gave in the leadership meeting) while E. Zeballos went to the office with the other LZ. We ate lunch at the office and finally got to our area to work.

Even with all this time out of our area, E. Zeballos and I were able to fulfill the huge goal Pres. Kuceki made for the mission for the week—500 contacts for every missionary! Oh man it was tough. One day we went on a division with some young men from the ward, and I went to a big bus stop close to a mall on the edge of the area to find a lot of people to talk to. I made 200 that day. It was really a stretching goal, and it took a lot of effort yesterday to complete it in time, but now, having met the goal, all the effort was worth it!

Hahaha, Tuesday we almost missed the bus to go to our multi-zone conference. E. Conceisao, E. McBride, E. Zeballos, and I had to spring the last 200 meters to get to the stop in time! Running down the road in my suit was hilarious haha; it was fun.

Also, after a great district meeting by E. Conceicao which was about the importance of the morning schedule and preparing to teach people, I decided to stop my goal of reading all the scriptures this year. Although Deuteronomy is quite interesting, it doesn’t help me prepare to teach someone about faith, baptism, or Joseph Smith and the restoration of Christ’s church. Now I’m focusing more on The Book of Mormon and Preach My Gospel.

This week we go to Rio Verde! Should be fun. We’re going for the zone conference and interviews. Two trips were already canceled to other areas because of car problems of Pres. Kuceki, but hopefully this week vai dar certo!

I’m tired and hungry and sunburned and the happiest ever!! THIS MISSION IS THE BEST! I know that Jesus Christ lives and that I am bringing His true church to the world. How great is this work!

Keep it real America! Saudade!

Elder Anderson

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