Monday, December 12, 2016

Um Batismo e Uma Conferencia

 Mmmmmm the food from the district's Christmas activity was incredible
 Cleaning the font—my favorite thing to do on Saturday morning!
I didn't take a lot pf pictures this week, sorry haha.

I just want to write in Portuguese! BUT that might not help you guys out very much. I’ll try to write my best English this week. Try.

Gessiley was baptized this week!!! I’ll go ahead and explain: her name is pronounced kind of like “Jesslay” with the emphasis on the first syllable. She is one of the best converts of my mission! Right after she was baptized we asked her to give a short testimony as part of the baptismal meeting. Whoa! It seemed like she had been a member for a year or two already. She said her life didn’t have much meaning and she had a lot of doubts, but as she learned about the restoration of the gospel, everything made sense to her. She’ll be a strong member and has the desire to serve a mission too! It was a blessing for E. Gomez and I to be able to teach her.

The sister missionaries of our branch, Guanabara, were robbed near the church the other day. I was pretty surprised because Patos de Minas is one of the safer cities in the mission. Even though we missionaries are assaulted sometimes, I’m sure the Lord is protecting us. We walk in the road all day, every day until 9-9:30 p.m. and certainly if we weren’t servants of the Lord, a lot more armed motorcyclists would harass us. I pray for protection every day and know that my prayers are heard and answered.

I read the book of Enos this morning in my personal study. I really like his example of fercent prayer and faith. I’m trying to pray with more faith and heart just as he did.

This Sunday I experienced one of the best church meetings I’ve ever seen. All stakes and districts (Patos de Minas is a district) in Brazil held a conference. The first part was a talk by the stake or district president and the rest was a transmission from Salt Lake. Richard Maynes’ talk was translated to Portuguese, the second counselor in the Primary Presidency spoke in Portuguese with a full American accent, a seventy from Argentina spoke with a thicker Hispanic accent, Presidente Costa of the Brazil Area then spoke (in normal Brazilian Portuguese), and then Elder Holland gave a great and humorous talk and spoke a little bit of Portuguese at the beginning and end of it. It was awesome! Not only were the messages excellent, but the mixture of accents and cultures added significantly to the awesomeness of the meeting. I never have seen a meeting like it.  The Church is really becoming expert in use of technology and creativity.

The two things I most remember that were said are: 1- The law of the harvest- “You reap what you sow/ If you want strawberries, you have to plant strawberries” (from Sister Bonnie Cordone (?) of the Primary) and 2 – A quotation for Brigham Young that Elder Holland shared “I don’t worry about anything, only if I am well before God” I loved that. A lot of stress in this life can be avoided if we only worry about what is the only thing that eternally matters: how we are before Heavenly Father.

I love the gospel, I love being a missionary, and I love this church. Thank you all for your loving support and prayers!

Elder Anderson

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