Monday, December 5, 2016

Pao de Queijo

  Pão de Queijo!!!
 Pão de Queijo with chicken mmmmm
 I'm missing the Lago das Rosas, but I found this lake
 No lago com Elder Gómez
 Pure tuna mmmm
 Some good shots in the 'mato'
Patos de Minas is in the state of Minas Gerais which is famous for its cheese and especially ‘pao de queijo’ –cheesebread. I usually don’t like cheese, but I love pao de queijo and am serving in the region of the best pao de queijo in the world. It’s BOM DEMIAS DA CONTA!!! I bought and ate some at least 4 times this week hehe.

Missionary work is tough, but as I’ve said several times, nothing I’ve ever done has brought me such great joy. To me, there’s nothing better than knowing I am doing the Lord’s will. It’s otimo!

We’re currently teaching one of the best investigators I’ve taught in my mission Gessiley (yep, her name is kind of difficult haha) understands everything that we teach, already reads the Book of Mormon every day, and not only has the desire to follow the truth but to share it with others as well. I believe she’ll serve a mission in the future! She lives with her mom and a younger sister and brother who are also visiting, learning about, and enjoying the church. Their family was referred to us by one of their neighbors who is a member. We’re preparing Gessiley to be baptized this Saturday! I hope to be sending several baptismal photos to you all next week.

Almost everyone here tells us that we can visit them to share a message another day, but they rarely fulfill their appointment. It’s annoying to get to a house where we are excited to teach and find no one there. If missionary work were easy, I wouldn’t learn and grow like I am, so I’m grateful for the challenges. We’re teaching another good family that lives close to Gessiley (the very north-west end of the city, it’s a long walk haha). The dad, Jose Roberto, went to church yesterday and like tit.

Two simple things happened this week that made Heavenly Father’s love quite clear to me. First, one night I was walking in the road, and I heard something fall out of a nearby three. I looked over and saw a ripe mango rolling across the road to me. I picked it up and started eating. I felt like God was saying “Have a mango, Scott!” I was happy and grateful. Also, yesterday night we were really far from our house and would have to walk fast for 30 minutes to get home in time. A car stopped next to us on the road and offered us a ride. It was a helpful member from another branch here in Patos. He gave us a ride directly to our house, saving us time and a lot of energy. What a marvelous blessing!

We’re fasting as a mission today for excitement and love for the work. I know that fasting is a principle of power and trust that we will all be blessed here in the Brasil Goiania Mission. In an hour or less I’ll break my fast, probably with some pao de queijo. Amo voces!

Elder Anderson

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