Monday, July 25, 2016

Another Transfer

 Os Elderes de Araxá! (menos Elder Oñate)
 With Elder Zeballos and his parents!
 Tchau, Elder Badu e Elder Farias
 Our road
 It's always a good day in the Lake of the Roses (x2)

With my first two zone leaders! Elder Morales (from Chile) came to visit Brazil

Boa tarde pessoal! Como estão vocês!? This week we had the transfer and, as I was sure, I'll be staying another month and a half as financial secretary. Woohoo! I'm still learning a ton, and everything is a lot easier now because I actually know what I'm doing. Knowing how to do what I need to do is a nice feeling hahaha. Presidente told me this week that I need to start thinking and praying about who should be the next missionary to take care of the finances because next transfer I'll start training him and then in the next I'll get back to the field! YES!!!! I'm excited demais to return to the 'campo.' The office has been great, but I miss pure missionary work. There's nothing better!

This transfer a ton of missionaries went home and a few arrived. Elder Zeballos finished his mission and left this week :(. I was sad haha. It wasn't that big of a deal when people I didn't know were leaving the mission, but now good friends that I've worked closely with are going home and it's crazy. One day that'll be me. I'll be way excited to see all you guys, but also pretty sad to leave Brasil. I'll wait to think too much more about that bittersweetness for another 11 months. Anyway, Elder Zeballos's parents came to pick him up and I got to meet them! It was funny because they don't speak Portuguese, just Spanish and English, and so I really had to concentrate to communicate with them. E. Zeballos will likely be going to BYU and it'll be way fun to meet up again with him someday. He was definitely the best friend I've had so far in my mission!

The four 'novinhos' that arrived in Goiânia are all really great. The two Brasileiros were excited to get to work and the two Americans had already learned some decent Portuguese. The American elder, Elder Lloyd, is going to be trained in the best area in the world.......ARAXÁ!!!!!!! Man I miss that place! It was fun to talk to him all about it and, in my little office, show him pictures from my time there. The group in Araxá is growing and now have over 20 people every Sunday. The most we had when I was there was 17! The stone cut out of the mountain with our hands, that marvelous work and a wonder that is the full and restored gospel, is rolling and filling the whole Earth! Man I'm so glad I had the chance to serve there and I hope I can return at the end of my mission.

I'm tired. That fact doesn't change. I'm the happiest I've ever been. That fact also doesn't change! I love this mission! I'm so grateful for the chance to represent my Redeemer and fulfill God's Will. Helping people to grow in their testimony of Jesus Christ and His restored church is the most rewarding work that exists. A miracle happened this week—Neide was able to trade shifts at work and came to church again this Sunday!!! She loved it and is so happy that we found her and have been helping and teaching her the truths of the gospel. I love this mission. I know that the Book of Mormon and the Bible are guides sent from our loving Heavenly Father to us, His children, and that through our living prophet, Thomas S. Monson, He gives us His current revelations and guidance. I am converting myself more everyday as a servant of Jesus Christ and want to serve Him my whole life. Thanks for all the love and support!

Elder Anderson

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  1. Tired and happy! Awesome! Thanks for all you are and all you are doing! 333