Monday, June 13, 2016


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 With Elder Pearce, from Georgia!
 The best group in the mission! Desde o CTM
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 The missionaries of ARAXÁ!
 Presidente Sousa!!
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 Elder Banz e Sister Smith!

Organizing the reeimbursements (in all, took me 6.5 hours Friday...)

The whole mission

Rapaz essa semana foi doida! Sabianos que seria. I wish I could just continue writing this whole letter in Portuguese. That’d make life easier! Haha.

This week we had transfers! As part of the transfer, we brought the whole mission to Goiania for a big meeting with Pres. and Sis. Kuceki before they leave. Buying the passagens for everyone to get here was financially straining, but in the end it worked out. Oh, I’m being transferred to….!!!!, I’m staying here as financial secretary—woohoo! I think I’ll be here awhile.

It was tough this week trying to help with the transfer while still handling the weekly financial tasks. For example, Thursday afternoon we were eating lunch at the bus terminal after helping a bunch of missionaries leave. I suddenly realized that I hadn’t yet done the caiza pequeno (the fund used for weekly expenses that I have to send for reimbursement every Tuesday and Thursday). I have to turn it in before 3, and the moment I realized it, it was already after 2. I called for a taxi as fast as I could, we ran to the office, and I was able to finish it just in time! It was crazy haha.

The going away meeting for the Kuceki’s was great. President K. gave an excellent talk about sincere and focused prayer. He said that by focusing more intently as we talk with our Father in Heaven about what is actually important for us and the people we are teaching, we will be blessed with the power and revelation needed to fulfill our purpose. It was just what I needed! Being so tired, it’s easy for me to lose attention and even start sleeping as I pray or listen to someone’s prayer. Praying so often during the day—as we wake up, study, leave the house, eat, start a lesson—I had fallen in the pattern of going through the motions. As President Kuceki spoke about focused prayer I was inspired to act, and now, I pray more meaningfully. The difference was immediate! Now I feel the Holy Ghost stronger, am closer to His whispered guidance, sincerely look for the Lord’s help, and realize even in a greater sense how blessed I am! President Kuceki is such a great leader and example for me, and I’m grateful for his inspired messages.

Also as part of the get-together, we ate cake. It was probably the best strawberry cake I’ve eaten in my whole life—or maybe the year-long drought of the awesome cakes that Mom and Grandma make, made this one seem so good. Afterwards, I took a ton of pictures. It was great being able to see so many friends from the mission! Having the whole mission in one place was really a cool experience.

This week I’ll get back to normal work—running the financial side of the best mission in the world! MISSAO BRASIL GOIANIA!!!! Life is great here, how could it not be?!

Elder Anderson 

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  1. What a great letter! From strawberry cake to taxi rides and good-byes - what a week! Love you Elder Scott! 333