Monday, June 20, 2016

The Power of Prayer

 Lago das Rosas
 Where we as vezes play football (American football!)
Bom P-Day dia Goiânia!

Yesterday was Stake Conference. I was excited all week for it, yet the night before, I was stressed. We didn’t have a single investigator who could or accepted to go. In our evening planning I called everyone whose number I had in my planner to invite them to conference. A few people said they couldn’t go; one man, Paulo, said he would talk to his wife to see if it would work, but his tone showed a huge lack of interest; the rest of everyone didn’t answer.

I was sad. I absolutely can’t stand going to church without bringing anyone! And the weekend of Stake Conference is an excellent opportunity to introduce people to the church. Yet, we had no one.

Sunday morning, I prayed. Remembering what Jesus taught in Matthew 7 (and 3 Nephi 14) about how if our earthly fathers are willing to give us what we ask, how much more willing is our Heavenly Father to give us the good things that we ask for, I asked that we could be blessed with some non-member showing up to church. We went.

5 minutes before the meeting started we were in the hall welcoming everybody. Suddenly, I saw Paulo—the man that seemed so uninterested just the night before. He had come! Twenty minutes into the conference, he had to leave, yet how grateful and happy I became to have my prayer directly answered! By the power of prayer we were able to bring someone to church yesterday, and my testimony that God answers prayers was strengthened by real evidence. Que Maravilha!!

There are tons of amazing things in this mission that show the greatness and miracles of God, the love of Christ, and the charity among us brothers and sisters. There are also things that clearly exemplify the stupidity of humanity. A drunk guy said to us yesterday: "Vocês são escoria do mundo!" (you are trash of the world). He was drunk at 4 o'clock in the afternoon, barely making it down the road and called us, missionaries of Jesus Christ, the trash of the world. Hmm, I think he's got things backwards. I said "Obrigado irmão!" (thanks, brother!) and we left happily, to go invite more people to learn about Christ's true gospel. Kkkk esse povo!

I FORGOT TO TELL YOU GUYS! When all the missionaries were here during the transfer, a bunch of us went to that hamburger place and Elder Snell tried the 3 hamburger 2 milkshake challenge. It was great hahaha!! He's a huge guy, but only made it through a hamburger in a half before he couldn't take anymore. That hamburger challenge may be the biggest in Brasil! It was a fun night haha, and maybe it discouraged me from trying it one day.

This was my best week so far as financial secretary! I'm finally getting comfortable. Paying the bills, handling the contracts, balancing the accounts, and everything else is so much easier than it used to be because now I'm actually understanding all of it. I've learned a ton, a TON, and I'm enjoying so much this calling!
It's great here in Goiânia! I wish all you guys could take a trip down here so I could so you around. Since that might be a little difficult, I'll just keep sending more pictures. Amo vocês! Tenham uma ótima semana! Até mais! Prayer works!

Elder Anderson

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  1. Prayer does work! Thanks for this wonderful letter! Love you, Elder STA! 333