Monday, December 7, 2015

All Kinds of Awesome Stuff!

​The Tibery Quatro
Stocking up for Winter
​"Dang it! I accidently mixed the medicine and Guaraná."
"Dude, let's try to sell this stuff man."
"No one would buy this! It tastes terrible."
"They will if we call it Jesus!"
(-What I think happened when Guaraná Jesus was created.)

​Email time!
 Woohoo! We had an awesome miracle yesterday! I went with a member to pick up Eudes, our investigator with a baptismal date for this week, before church. He was waiting for us, but when I got out of the car to talk to him, he said something about his brother and not coming to church with us and staying in his other church. Ah man… I was worried. I told him we could bring him back to his house right after sacrament meeting if he wanted. He, somewhat reluctantly, accepted, and we went to church. Being the first Sunday of the month, it was Fast and Testimony meeting. It was awesome! The testimonies of the ward members here were great – simple and true. While I was sitting on the stand waiting to go, Eudes got up and bore his testimony. He said (paraphrased and translated): “My family’s selfish but I’m not going to let it affect me. I’m not baptized yet, but I know this is the true church,” Whoooaaa!!! It was so awesome! Ever since I talked to him before church, I had been praying and hoping that he would change his mind and remain firm in his decision to be baptized. What a perfect testimony meeting it was, because after hearing several others testify of the truthfulness of this church, he too recognized the same answer within himself. His baptism is scheduled for Thursday night.

This might have been the hardest working week of my mission so far! I made a goal to make 1000 contacts with people this month before Christmas, as my present to the Savior. In making this goal, I knew it was a huge number. I used to think 120 in a week for a companionship was hard. But, certainly Jesus deserves my best effort, and I hope I can show my love for him by achieving this goal. I’m on track!

Also this week we taught a ton of lessons. We’re finding more people and our teaching group is otimo! Elders Olsen and Sanchez found a family before we got here, but they live in our area so we’ve started teaching them. Wilson and Mariellen (and their 4-year old son Igor) are progressing well. They started reading the Book of Mormon, had tons of good questions, and came to church for the first time yesterday and liked it. They are interested to continue learning about the church. The only problem is they’re not married, if it wasn’t for this, they’d be baptized soon for sure! Hopefully it will all work out. We had a churrasco at their house last night with Elders Olsen and Sanchez too which was way fun! I should’ve brought my camera haha.

Everything’s going great here. I’m fully adjusted to missionary life and am a lot less stressed than I used to be which is a huge blessing! I’m losing myself in the work—I even dream about teaching sometimes—and couldn’t be happier to be here! Portuguese is continuing to get better; I’ve pretty much given up writing in my journal in English haha. Every day, more of my thoughts are in Portuguese which is pretty cool! I love Brazil, I love this work, and I love this gospel!

Elder Anderson 

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  1. Praying for all you are teaching and working with, for those who need this gospel so much in your area, and for Eudes, Wilson and Mariellen - and you! 333