Monday, November 9, 2015

Ants Can't Stop Me

Last P-Day I bought two big boxes of cereal. After opening and eating some of the first one, I closed the top of the box and put it on top of the fridge. In spite of the bag being folded/rolled up inside and the box being shut, the ants found a way in. One morning, I went to eat breakfast, and about 40 ants were there to wish me good morning haha. Now, in America, I would never do this, but after living in Brazil for 3.5 months it wasn’t as crazy…I couldn’t let the ants win, so I just poured the cereal in a bowl, added some milk, and started eating. It looked like someone had sprinkled a little pepper in the bowl, but the ‘pepper’ was ants, dead and alive. It’s always great to start the day with a little extra protein! Elder Anderson 1, Ants 0.

Also, on P-Day, two guys almost got in a fight on the bus hahaha. It would have been pretty fun and crazy and memorable to see, but I would have had to break it up so I’m glad it didn’t happen haha. Brazil’s crazy man!

Here’s some written Portuguese for you: Portuguese e muito bom. Gosto desta idioma musto. Ainda e difícil, e continuara ser difícil, mas cada dia e melhor, mais fácil, e mais fluente. O Senhor esta me abencoando muito com o dom de linguas, e son muito grato!

Going into this week, we had 8 baptismal dates for this next Saturday. Now, we have one. One. It really is frustrating when you’re trying to teach people about the greatest thing ever—the restored gospel of Jesus Christ—and its eternal blessings, and they’re too blind and deaf to accept it fully and too lazy to go to church…Oh well. Vida missionaria!

Our one remaining date is solid at least. We found Lucas batendo portas (knocking doors) a few weeks ago. He’s 15 and honestly wants to find and follow the true path of God. I wish everyone we taught was like him! He’s come to church twice and liked it, and his brother came once and is interested too. He lives with his grandparents, who have been receptive so far, and hopefully they’ll completely support him I his decision to be baptized Saturday! I love missionary work!

Man this week was quick! It’s crazy we only have one more week in the transfer! It feels like a few days ago that Elder Gerson arrived here. I want to stay in the area, but who knows what will happen. More than anything though, I want to do the will of the Lord. Thus, wherever I go and with whomever I serve, I’ll be happy and grateful and do my best! I love this mission so much; I wouldn’t want to be doing anything else for these two years. Every day is a blessing!

Elder Anderson
View from the Goia Missionary apartment (where Scott went for a day with the Zone Leaders)

Good Morning Goia!

Bus Stop. Seems Legit.

Divisao in Goia!

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  1. Love this letter! Love this Elder! Here is what google says for the translation:Portuguese and very good. Like this musto language. And still difficult, and it will continue to be difficult , but every day and better, easier and more fluent . The Lord is blessing me so much with the gift of tongues , and son very grateful!