Monday, January 16, 2017

Fruits on Trees

 Bebendo tereré
 It's like chimarrão but cold and sweet instead of hot and bitter
 My shirt still needed some ironing after I had already putten it on and so I improvised. Putting a book on the inside provides a solid surface on which to pass the hot iron :D
 E. Brandão got to the apartment 4:00 am after returning from a meeting in Goiânia and he brought the package from....Elder Sweet! Even though it was 4am I got pretty excited
 Yum! (My tan line is bad, wow)...and that hair! (mom's comment!)

 The lunch we made on Friday, Kodiak Cakes!

  A caixa e seu conteúdo
 All kinds of good stuff
 After a great day of missionary work
 A galera! Todos os Elderes de Patos de Minas
 Some pics from the road
 I'm going to cut my hair today

 Patos de Minas is the national capital of corn (milho)
 Eu amo Brasil
E. Brandão and I in front of one of the best acerola trees in town

One of the greatest things about Brasil has to be that you can frequently find a snack just dangling over your head as you walk down the road. There’s a ton of fruit trees here. Just this week I ate acerola, goiaba, and limao as we walked on the street during the day. It’s pretty great! A lot of times there’s kids climbing trees to get mangoes and other fruits haha; one time in Goiania some kids gave me 4 ripe jambos! There’s lof of fruit here that doesn’t exist in the US. Go look up on Google the ones I already have written and also maracuja, pequi (eu amo pequi! Mas muitas pessoas nao gostam kk), jaca, and caja-manga. There’s quite a variety and many fruits I don’t even know yet.

There are a lot of motorcycles here and I think it’d be pretty cool to have one but it’s definitely not worth it. This week and accident happened 80 yards behind us. A guy on a moped ran into a kid on a bike. The kid walked away just fine, but the guy on a moped got scraped up pretty bad and probably broke his leg and a few ribs. I pray he has a smooth recovery. Within 3 minutes of the accident there had appeared a group of about 20 people at the scene. Nobody knew the injured person, but all were willing to help him, offering their phones for him to contact his family. It reminded me that “somos todos irmaos”. 

ELDER SWEET SENT ME A PACKAGE!! I got so happy haha. He sent me a bunch of great candy and a sincere letter about the mission that helped me a lot. He's one of the best friends from my mission, and it was neat to see that he still remembers me kkkk. A shout out to him if he ever reads this!

We worked hard this week, and it was awesome. The happy thing is that we found a bunch of good families to teach and felt the Spirit guiding us to find and teach them. We invited them all to church and had faith that all of them would come. The sad thing is that only one person came. It's hard to work with people! I know that I can't control the agency of other people, but I have faith that if we continue working diligently then the Lord will bless us with people to teach who are sincerely seeking the truth.

It was Maria Helena who came to church. we're going to help her be baptized this week! If not this week, soon afterwards her 12 year old son will be baptized too. Só milagres!

I PASSED THE YEAR AND A HALF MARK! Doido demais. My mission is passing quickly. I'm almost done with a fast that I'm doing to finish strong and receive inspiration to set goals that will help me work as well as I can until the end. I love being a missionary and am so glad I have 5 more months! Vai ser ótimo. Continuemos e cresçamos na fé!

Elder Anderson

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  1. You will finish strong! Here's to 5 more fantastic, faithful, fabulous months!!!