Monday, February 22, 2016

Trabalho Duro e….BATISMO!

 New weight set...!
Tchau E. Zanuttini!


Tchau E. Antunes! (Meu segundo LZ)

 Pedro's baptism

Esta semana foi boa! Com certeza o melhor parte foi o batismo de Pedro Henrique!

This week was good! The best part was for sure the baptism of Pedro Henrique. Only a month or two ago, his girlfriend introduced him to the church and by the time we started teaching him a week and a half ago, he pretty much knew everything. During the lesson, we just reviewed haha. I’m really grateful that we had the chance to be a part of his proves of baptism. One thing I really want to do on my mission is help baptize someone who will serve a mission too. He fulfilled that goal and hopefully will be the first of many! How awesome it’d be if everyone we found and taught was as prepared as he was!

That was definitely the highlight and best part of the week. Besides him, we didn’t have much success with the other people we found. After talking to tons of people, we ended up teaching people that just won’t keep commitments, and won’t progress. Yet, it’s all part of the process. When the Lord sees that we’ve continued working our best in spite of not finding many people, He will bless with miracles because of our effort. I’ll be patient and keep working my hardest so they’ll come!

There are a few awesome things about this area. First, there’s actually some workout equipment at this house! At all the others, I could pretty much just do push ups and abs every day. We have an awesome bar here made up of PVC, rebar (I think) and rough concrete cylinders. I use it almost every day. The fact that I’m grateful for old, homemade workout equipment show how my lifestyle has changed haha. Also, there is a great place of asai here! I’ve already eaten asai 3 times here. Man it’s great! (Sorry guys. My English is probably a pain to read by now…) Parque Amazonia is also a safer and richer part of Goiania, which is good. We ate almoso at the house of a family who is part of a huge family business. Their house is one of the very few I’ve seen here that are as good or better than houses in America –very rare!

There’s a woman from New Zealand visiting the ward who hardly speaks Portuguese. I’ve talked to her in English and discovered that now I hardly speak English, haha! It’s a struggle!

We thought we were going to be going to Patos de Minas and Uberaba with Presidente Kuceki this weekend, but because Sis. Kuceki’s car hadn’t been fixed yet, we had to postpone the plan. For just about all of March, we’ll be traveling around the mission, checking the houses, having zone and district meetings, and giving trainings. It’ll be great!

I’m still working towards my goal of reading all the scriptures this year. I’m almost done with all the books of Moses, and I’ve learned a ton. There’s a lot of things that nada ver (I don’t know how to say that in English. Probably ‘not relevant’ would describe it well.) like describing the details of the law, but I’m learning a lot about the House of Israel which has really helped me understand what the 12 tribes, Abrahamic covenant, and Levitical Priesthood actually mean, among other things. The scriptures are awesome!

I’m working hard, growing a ton spiritually (and hopefully physically), and loving this mission! The church is true! Tenham paz e alegria nos Estados Unidos!

Elder Anderson

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