Monday, January 4, 2016

A Really Big Week

Happy New Year's Eve from the Assistants and Secretaries!

​Elder Zanuttini and I

​Early morning hot chocolate before transfers!

Feliz ano novo para voces! I will spend 2016 completely outside the U.S. Wow. It’ll be great!

I think this is a good week to go day by day.

Segunda-feira (Monday) – We had our last study time in Tibery, and afterwards went to the center of Uberlandia to the Lan House to email. It was awesome seeing tons of Christmas pictures, especially of Bryce! J Afterwards we cleaned the house, visited Wilson, a great recent convert of the other companionship, and went to a noite familiar (family home evening) with him at the apartment of Manoel e Vanessa Foibom.

Tersa-feira (Tuesday) – This day was big. Elder Baltazar and I finished packing up our stuff and got on the bus to Goiania. It was about a 6 hour ride, which wasn’t bad. It was nice to get some rest and talk with other missionaries. As soon as we got to Goiania, Elder Santos, the executive secretary, told me we had a meeting to go to. While another secretary took care of my bags, we went quick and got a taxi. Instead of going to the mission office, we went straight to the mission home. Elder Zanuttini, one of the assistants to the President, was there waiting for me. In the elevator, I asked who was there and what kind of meeting it was. I thought it would be a meeting for all the trainers, since I would be training again. He said all the novinhos were there (new missionaries) but I was the only trainer there. I didn’t have time to think about what was going on before I walked in, greeted Presidente and Sister Kuceki, and entered shock as Presidente said to all the new missionaries “Aqui e o novo assistente da missao!” (Here is the new assistant of the mission.) I was so surprised haha. It turns out that E. Tenorio, the assistant that just finished his mission, completely made up that I would be training in Porque Amazonia haha. After dinner at the mission home, E. Zanuttini and I helped all the novinhos get to their hotel. I had no idea I would be serving as the new assistant, and man, I don’t even speak Portuguese right yet-haha, but I know it’s where the Lord needs me, and I will do my best.

Quarta feira (Wednesday) – Transfer day. Instead of meeting my new companion and going to Parque Amazonia, I helped everyone get to where they were supposed to be. It was different being on the other, more administrative side of the transfer, but I liked it. We ate lunch with the secretaries of the mission, Elders Olica, Sweet, Correa, e Bandeira, and eventually got to our area. We visited members with the ward mission leader. Afterwards, walking back to our new house, we got lost haha. It’s tough when two missionaries get to a new area at the same time. Eventually we made it home and to sleep.

Quinta-feira a Sabado (Thursday – Saturday) – Being that E. Zanuttini and I are both new here in Ala Goiania, we visited most of the investigators that the sisters had, and talked to tons of people, trying to find people ready for the message of the restoration. We followed up a lot with the zones and branches of the mission, ensuring that everyone has good goals and plans in place. Elder Zanuttini is from Argentina, and this is the last transfer of his mission. Though it’s only been a few days, I’ve learned a lot from him and we’re already great friends. We’re going to get a lot of work done here, and I’m excited!

Domingo (Sunday) – Church went well. It was good to meet lots of ward members and hear their testimonies. We brought one couple that we found this week, and they seemed to like it and want to return. We had a good meeting with Odrei, the ward mission leader, in the evening and afterwards visited some members.

Overall, it was a great week, with lots of changes. This is a really good ward – I haven’t seen members so willing and excited to help us before. I’m grateful for this new responsibility to lead and serve and especially for the opportunity to work closely with President Kuceki. This mission is the best and I’m loving it every day! Hope all is well and everyone’s having a great 2016 in the USA!

Elder Anderson

Melting the Freezer with an Iron!

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  1. A really big week indeed! We are thrilled for you all for all those who get to work so closely with you! What an adventure, beloved grand son! You are up to this challenge and opportunity -- you will rock this! 333