Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Portuguese, Baptism, Conference, and the End of Transfer One

​Learning how to make bruschetta early in life was a blessing!

​Zone P-Day! Fun day

​Elder Morris, one of my American friends in the zone

Opaaaaa! Another week has flown by!

Man, I am so grateful for how much Heavenly Father has blessed me with the gift of tongues thus far! I believe it’s a direct result of how hard I worked to learn the language during my time in the CTM. This week, a few things happened that made me really happy with my Portuguese. First, last Monday or so I called the Zone leaders to ask about some teaching records. After talking with Elder Sweet over the phone for a few minutes, he was surprised at how well I was speaking and said I was learning Portuguese faster than any other American he knew. Woohoo! Haha, it was great. Also, we were talking with an old guy on the street a few days ago who could hardly believe I’ve only been here for about two and a half months. Then, at conference Saturday, I met a returned missionary who said my Portuguese was perfect. I had only said a few words to him and his statement was far, far from the truth, but I felt pretty great afterward haha! I testify that when we work with all diligence in the service of the Lord, He will bless us greatly. This gospel is so awesome!

We had a baptism this week! Walter, whom I wrote about last week, was baptized yesterday in between sessions of general conference. Unfortunately, we couldn’t be there because Elder Meireles was sick and we were stuck at the hospital for 3 and a half hours. (Be so, so grateful every time you step into a hospital in America. Oh man, the difference between here and there is SO big). It almost seems like Walter wasn’t even baptized because we weren’t there and haven’t seen any pictures haha. Yet, all is well, and another of Heavenly Father’s children has taken a huge step closer to Him!

General Conference, or at least the part of that I saw (because Saturday we were way late to the first session and Sunday we were at the hospital) was good. It was all translated into Portuguese, so I only understood like 25% of it, but I still learned a lot. I’m excited to download all the talks and listen to them in English haha. Also, how crazy is it to have three new apostles? So awesome, I can’t wait to learn more about them.

While at the hospital yesterday, we got a call about transfers. This transfer finishes Wednesday morning, and Elder Meireles is going to another area in Goiania, while I’m staying here and getting another Brazilian companion. I’m excited for some change and a new six weeks!

To all of you reading this at home, missionary work is the greatest! I’m happier than I’ve ever been, and I’m working as hard as I can to fulfill my calling as a servant of the Lord. I miss home, but not too much; I’m focused on my efforts here! I love you all! Continue to learn and grow in the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Ate  mais!

Elder Anderson

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