Tuesday, September 15, 2015


It's actually raining right now!
Wow! This week was quick! I’ve decided that, for this blog, I’m going to focus less on what I’m doing each week and  more on what I’m learning. I’ll highlight the main events, but not cover everything in detail because it’s pretty repetitive.

I feel like this week will be well-represented in numbers:

7- The number of investigators that came to church yesterday! In the last two weeks combined we had 3. It was awesome! Most of them could be baptized soon! What a blessing.

4- I ‘played’ all 4 hymns for sacrament meeting yesterday, haha. The piano has most the hymns pre-recorded, so I just press any key over and over and keep up with the tempo of the congregation.

25-About the number of minutes I had to mentally prepare a talk in Portuguese for sacrament meeting. The Bishop asked me to fill in 5 minutes before it started, haha. I talked about how the gospel is like really good sorvete (ice cream) and like the fruit of the tree of life in Lehi’s dream, and when we experience the joy of Lehi’s dream, and when we experience the joy of the gospel (like the joy that come from great ice cream) we will want to share it with others. I love speaking about missionary work, especially as a missionary! It was way fun.

2- Before going to the store last P-Day, I got all my money together. I had 7 ten real bills, and a thought came into my mind to bring a 2 real bill also (only about 60 cents in American dollars). I thought why not, and brought it. After getting all the food I wanted, I checked out, and the total was 71.96, which, because there are no once cent coins and they round up, is exactly the amount of money I had with me! It was a small miracle that strengthened my faith and assured me that Heavenly Father is looking out for me and guiding me through the Holy Ghost.

3- The number of lives I have: family, gospel, guarana. 

-Family includes of course, my immediate family, and also my extended family and great friends. Thanks so much for your love and support! I miss you guys a lot.
-The gospel encompasses the scriptures, Preach My Gospel, and the message of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ, as well as those I am teaching it to. This is my purpose here.
-Finally, Guarana! It’s actually a fruit here in Brazil, some type of berry I think. It’s the best flavor of soft drink ever! Guarana Antarctica is the most popular in all Brazil and is amazing, and Guarana Mineiro, made by a drink company in the Goiania region, might even be better! I’ll try to bring some back in two years. Don’t worry Mom, I’m not drinking it too much; I’m making sure I’m eating and drinking healthily.

20- Days I’ve survived the field!

1- We have 1 hour for email each week. It’s the most fun and the most stressful! I’m so rushed for 60 minutes straight, haha!

A lot- The amount of fun I had playing ping pong, basketball, eating food, and hearing American music at the ward churrasco  (Brazillian barbecue) last week. It was great to reunite with ping pong for a little bit and to enjoy Independence Day with the ward.
Happy Brazillian Independance Day! (Sept. 7th)

0- The extent to which I’ve enjoyed  this sore throat the past 3 days…I’m thankfully feeling better today!

3- Weeks into my first 6 week transfer. Many more great ones to come!

A ton- How grateful I am to be here right now. It’s not easy, but it’s worth it. Every day is a blessing!

Hello America!
Ate a proximo semana!

Elder Anderson

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