Thursday, July 16, 2015

Scott's First Email from the Missionary Training Center in Sao Paolo, Brazil!!!

Hello! I'm doing amazing!
Getting to the plane was easy, there were four other elders there when I got there. Talked to them for awhile. By the time we boarded, there were 7 elders (including me) and 2 sisters. Three of us elders are going to Goiânia, and are whole district was on the flight except for my companion who still hasn't gotten here for some reason. He, Elder Hull, should be here sometime today. The food on the plane was great. I sat next to a lady from Recife and spoke some Portuguese to her haha. It was fun. I'm trying to be a lot more outgoing, and it's going well so far! I only took half (probably like 0.57 actually) of the pill and slept for 4 hours, woke up, 2 more, then off and on until about 45 minutes out. We landed, went down stairs to a shuttle bus instead of straight into the airport. Customs and everything went well. We got on a bus this morning around 7:30 São Paulo time and drove about an hour here. THE ROADS ARE CRAZY! It took us about an hour or 50 min to get to the MTC and on the way we saw about 200 motorcycles, 98% of them were speeding thru slow traffic on the free way on the dotted white lines between all the cars. CRAZY stuff. We got to the MTC which is awesome. I got my nametag, we ate some food (the cafeteria is smaller than I thought), mango juice is good, got our district, I already know everyone except my companion haha, we're in a threesome right now I guess haha. We got to our room, on the top floor, and we have an AWESOME view of São Paulo. I'll try to send pictures, if I can't I will next time. We unpacked some, then the other two Elders, Nelson from Texas (it's so funny, he looks JUST like Aaron Bardin and Hunter Hughes put together) and Stafford from Seattle. \they got some sleep, and I kept unpacking and organizing my stuff. I took a shower which was an experience... The water barely trickles out so it's really tough to wash off, way less water than comes out of our kitchen sink. I ironed some shirts, our rooms right across from the laundry room so we opened the door while I ironed across the hall so I would~'t be completely without a companions while I was ironing and they were sleeping haha. I got 3 shirts done in 25 min I think. It was tough cause the materials on the dial you use to control the heat were in Portuguese.. Thankfully cotton was 'algodon' like in Spanish haha. I'm loving it! Everything is awesome and I feel only peace, happiness, and excitement. I also feel a desire to work really hard and not waste a second of time. I feel like a missionary now, and it's kind of crazy how the other missionaries are just regular guys. Like an average Priest quorum put on suits and nametags haha. I'm just comfortable and ready to learn! I love you all! Thanks for the hidden letters, I've found most of them haha. I don't know when Pday is yet, but hopefully its soon. I haven't read your emails yet so I'll respond to those on Pday. Have a good week!
Elder Anderson!
(I just learned we can't send pictures from the MTC, probably can't receive them either.. Oh well, I'll send a ton my first week in the field!!)
~Forgive my grammar and stuff I was trying to hurry! Haha


  1. Kristy, does Scott see this blog? Thanks for posting all of this! It's so fun to see a few pictures!
    Matt, Jenni, Barrett

  2. Such a great letter! So grateful he is there safely and doing so well. :)